We are looking for Customer Success Managers

The Social Selling Company helps companies transition in their digital, commercial approach and makes them the best in their market. This transformation is necessary for many sales and marketing departments of B2C and B2B organizations.

The world is changing fast, the way customers go about their purchases is different and that requires a new commercial blueprint. This commercial transformation is of vital importance for many sales and marketing departments of B2C and B2B organizations. A few adjustments, tools or courses won’t do the trick.

How would your organization’s new commercial blueprint look and how would you make it work? These are questions we entertain ourselves and our customers with.

Our goal is to accomplish structural growth for our customers, help them grow their network, sales funnel, turnover and margins, by offering value add. We work closely with leading partners such as LinkedIn, Social One, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce and Sales for Life.

One of the most important functions in this intensive approach is the Customer Success Manager (CSM). Because we are expanding, we are looking for people to fulfill this role. If you are up for the task or know someone who is, let us know!



Customer Success comes from the heart. You have the best social selling skills for customer management and business consultancy. You are eager to share your knowledge with customers every day and to support them in their commercial transformation. With your help and the Social Selling approach, you are able to improve marketing and sales departments. You get excited by better brand awareness, pipeline, revenue and growth of our customers’ social networks. You have excellent relational skills and you are always looking for win-win situations. If the customer wins, you win.  If this is you, we’d like to get to know you.


CSM responsibilities:

  • Guide our customers until results are met, with the help of our intensive ‘Social Selling Master program
  • Build a trusting relationship with our top customers
  • Build solid connections between all involved departments
  • Monitor performance indicators and give feedback/determine improvements
  • Develop upselling and identify both the active and latent needs of customers
  • Develop our programs and your own team so that they become the very best




  • Raising Social Selling awareness with management, sales and marketing
  • Creating a basis for an excellent implementation of the Social Selling program
  • Daily monitoring of different departments/ defining Call-to-Actions to speed up process
  • Monthly realization of milestones of Social Selling Master program/ sharing with management.



  • Initiating sales opportunities
  • Doing commercial sales pitches
  • Closing deals and making contracts



  • Proven experience and knowledge of Social Selling
  • Previous experience in Customer Success or similar background (improving customer satisfaction, adaptation and retaining)
  • Experience in working with customers of all shapes and sizes
  • Excellent speaking and writing skills
  • Eye for detail and analytical approach
  • Strong team player and self-starter in one
  • Multitasker who can prioritize on-the-fly
  • 3+ years of experience in digital business
  • Experience with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and/or other Social Selling platforms
  • Knowledge of Marketing Automation tools such as Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua
  • Experience in closing deals
  • Driven
  • Eager to learn, adjust and perfect your work
  • A mindset that will help our customers excel



  • We go for excellence and added value for our customers
  • Top team players
  • Entrepreneurs who work independently
  • Proactive people who don’t wait for opportunities
  • We adjust to each situation, while not losing track of goals
  • Extremely good listeners who are also able to ask sensitive questions
  • We have a comprehensive approach
  • We want to win, which is when our customers are happy
  • We love and embrace the newest developments
  • We love sales, marketing and entrepreneurship

With the above-mentioned mindset, experience and qualifications, you will be very successful within our ambitious organization, which helps us make a difference. We’d love to invite you for a job interview!


Please contact:

Wessel Berkman
+31 88 730 55 00

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