Wessel berkman

Wessel Berkman

Wessel Berkman regularly publishes in MT, FD, Nieuwe Leiders and Banking Review. He is the founder and commercial specialist in The Brown Paper Company and The Social Selling Company. He has written the book The Commercial Revolution and is regularly invited to speak about significantly making a difference in commerce.


Carola van der Linden

Carola van der Linden is a marketer with more than fifteen years’ experience. She is specialized in social selling and social advocacy. This specialism is based on the successful implementation of a social selling sales program for a worldwide IT provider. LinkedIn regards Carola van der Linden as one of the top Most Engaged LinkedIn Marketers.


Toni van Dam

Toni van Dam trains and coaches sales professionals who want to get the most out of Social Media. Together with his team at The Social Selling Company & Social.ONE, Toni helps organizations who want to make a transition and want to be ready for the commercial revolution, wherein Social Selling is more important than ever.



Mic Adam

Mic Adam started Vanguard Leadership to help organizations with the implementation of social media. His focus lies on implementing Social Selling programs, employee advocacy programs, social media strategy and consultancy, writing & implementation of social media policies, conducting social media trainings and involved in community and conversation management.



Patricia Woestenburg

Patricia Woestenburg is a sales and recruitment specialist with over twenty years of experience in dynamic industries. She is specialized in training commercial professionals at B2B companies in the art of social selling. Furthermore, she has helped many jobseekers with LinkedIn profile optimization to move forward in their careers.


marco van wel

Marco van Wel

Marco van Wel is an expert in developing organizations, so they still exist in five years. His qualities are revealed in commercial growth projects, mostly in the role of coach, reorganizer or as an interim. Not just stacking reports, but immediate improvement through hands-on implementation.



Roemer van Oostenbrugge

Roemer van Oostenbrugge is a film industry professional based near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As a skilled filmmaker, camera operator and video editor, Roemer works within the creative and commercial field, offering his services to companies looking for high quality video ads, commercials and video vlogs. His aim is to produce great work for great clients and make the process as enjoyable, straight forward and painless as possible.

vanessa van zalm

Vanessa van Zalm

Vanessa loves texts and words. She supports organizations as a copywriter with challenging texts to share knowledge. The changing customer journey is the most important theme in her texts.

joris van hees

Joris van Hees

Joris is an experienced change manager. He helps organizations to function in a smarter way concerning the culture and structure of the organization.

Aäron van der Sanden

Aäron van der Sanden (29) is a professional copywriter, with a wide area of expertise within his portfolio. He knows how it works in both B2B and B2C, whereas he also writes a lot about finance. After studying sociology at Tilburg University and communication sciences at Ghent University, he works for Social Selling Company-partner Mediatic nowadays.


Koos Plegt

Koos Plegt (36) is an experienced editor and content marketeer. With a background in journalism, he has been working for various organizations for almost a decade, particularly in the field of IT and business services for Social Selling Company partner Mediatic. He likes to work for technology-driven enterprises and other companies that aim to share complex stories with their target groups.


Aragorn Meulendijks

Whilst working at LinkedIn, Aragorn was a trusted advisor on the topic of talent acquisition and social selling by using LinkedIn. His responsibility extended to support organisations such as ABB, Bayer and Philips. Aragorn has more than 10 years of sales experience in the IT industry. His work-experience, knowledge of LinkedIn and his vision on social selling make him an allround expert. He uses these insights to help companies reach the next level of sales!

valentijn van den burg

Valentijn van den Burg

Valentijn van der Burg is a professional photographer, with a specialization in the field of profile photos. Valentijn focuses on social platforms.


Jeannette Kalfsterman

Jeanette Kalfsterman has senior director and executive board level experience with various technology and IT companies such Royal Dutch Telecom KPN and recently Ordina. Jeanette is a very involved and modern leader. Her strength is to develop and implement a distinctive and inspiring strategy which makes an organisation and her employees standout and excel.


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