Social Selling Services

Social selling is about finding the right prospects by using social media. It’s also about being easy to find as a company. By sharing relevant content with prospects, you build lasting relationships and, eventually, sell them your product or service. 

Book a Social Selling impact inspiration session (4 hours or 1 day)

Social Selling Workshops

Discover in 1 day:

  • What is (the power of) Social Selling?
  • What is your current status of adopting Social Selling?
  • How can you apply Social Selling to your organization with focus on achieving results?
Social Media Coaching for Executives & Sr Management

Dedicated training for senior leaders who need to position themselves as social thought leaders & influencers.

  • How to find the right buyers?
  • How to engage with the right buyers?
  • How to find, create and use content?
  • How to create a content calendar?
  • How to become an influencer?
  • How to become a Twitter guru?

Building a compelling online presence and influence the customer buyer journey by adding value

  • LinkedIn New User Interface (highlights)
  • Digital toolbox

What tools are useful for building and automating a daily Social Selling practice?

  • Creating your Customer Success Portfolio:
  • Insights in how to position your customer dream solution as a fundamental commercial starting point and how to challenge your customer with killer content
  • Creating a daily social selling routine
  • Inspirational session with commercial expert Wessel Berkman (author of the book ‘The Commercial Revolution’)
Speed course social media for sales

Get your sales teams up to speed quickly with this social media course.

LinkedIn Training

Beginners, advanced and expert level

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Training

Beginners, advanced and expert level. Learn how to grow your network and start creating inbound traffic and leads:

  • How to create a killer and customer centric LinkedIn profile?
  • How to build an online Personal Brand?

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Marketing Automation Services

Marketing automation refers to the software that helps marketers automate and personalize their marketing actions, and to design the best customer journey. By sharing relevant content, they can generate as many marketing qualified leads as possible.

Book a Social Selling impact inspiration session (4 hours or 1 day)

Marketing Automation Workshops

Discover in 1 day:

  • Marketing Automation Toolbox:
    Which tools can facilitate high quality marketing automation?
  • Marketing Automation for Sales:
    How to use marketing tools to generate leads with existing customers or hunt for new prospects?
  • Marketing Automation for Marketing:
    How to use marketing automation tools to drive awareness, interest and leads as part of marketing campaigns.
  • Marketing Automation as part of the customer journey
Buyer Persona Profiling

Creating buyer persona profiles based on research among existing customers and organizations of the target group.

Content platforms

Building content platforms that convert visitors into leads. 

Content Strategy Creation

Creating content strategies based on buyer persona research.

Content mapping, creating content flows and production of content

Linking content to the buyer journey stages, production of content and implementation of content flows.

Managing marketing automation platforms

Implementation, maintenance and support of marketing automation platforms.

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Social Listening Services

Social listening entails finding out what relevant prospects, customers, employees, competitors and other stakeholders say about you on social media.

Book a Social Selling impact inspiration session (4 hours or 1 day)

Social Listening Workshops

Discover in 1 day:

  • What is Social Listening?
  • How sales can benefit from Social Listening:
    Learn how to leverage customer insights and how to interpret these insights to initiate meaningful discussions
  • What information is available through Social Listening?
  • Social Listening Toolbox
  • What tools and options are available to become a hight quality social listener without stalking the customer?
Insights Social Listening Tools

Which social media analyzing tools can sales use to optimize the social listening activities, in order to get to know the (future) customer as good as possible?

Training How to use Social Media Analytic Tools

Discover in 1 day:

  • What is your ultimate goal with using social media?
  • What are the benefits of analyzing your social media activities now and then?
  • What kind of tools are there?
  • Which one is/ones are most suitable for your organization?
Business Analysis Workshops

Discover in 1 day:

  • Why should you analyze your business every now and then?
  • What are the biggest company issues your company is dealing with right now?
  • How should these problems be solved?
  • How can the company prevent these kind issues in the future?
Online Reputation Coaching

Discover in 1 day:

  • Why should you care about your online reputation?
  • What is your company’s reputation right now?
  • What would you like to change about that?/How can you optimize that current reputation?
Social Listening and CRM systems (training)

Discover in 1 day:

  • What is a CRM system and why do you need it?
  • What is the link between social listening and CRM systems?
  • What should your CRM system look like?

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