The ‘Coolblue’ in your sector

Coolblue is often mentioned as a source of inspiration for other organizations. They are the perfect example of an organization with the same products as other organizations in a budget market. But they know how to make a difference and they are growing significantly. They will hit the 700 million euro mark this year in record time. In a saturated market.

Disruptive? At least it’s about wanting to be better and different than others. Maybe even disruptive in social innovation: they use their employees to make a difference.

Coolblue sometimes charges higher prices than the competition. What makes this company special enough for customers to be happy to pay more? The simple answer is: because it’s more fun.

The experience begins right off the bat. You really are treated as a customer. You get all the information you need presented to you in a simple, clear and fun way. All alternative options are displayed on the same page, in fun clips and explained by their own staff. The competition often shows complicated product descriptions. The employees are the face of Coolblue, which is something to be proud of. People do business with people here, and in a personal and digital way.

When you actually purchase something, the experience continues. You’re surprised and that lights up your day. Delivery information is easy to understand and the box you receive is a party with a few distinctive aspects: a handwritten thank you-letter, thanking the neighbor for accepting the parcel, flexible delivery times, etc. Even de mailman is happy to deliver the parcel.

You feel the same energy in the stores. Staff welcomes you and asks what you need as soon as you step in. They make a difference with numerous tangible details in their structure and culture. Those are their ‘gold dots’. Everyone who works there knows these distinctive qualities. They are the basis for customer and employee satisfaction, energy, fun and turn-over skyrocket. Even customers can point these qualities out, because it’s a philosophy. One that creates fans among customers and staff.

Who doesn’t want that?

Whereas many organizations have cut out these qualities in the past, Coolblue uses them to make a difference. No ambitious missions, lean or hip words or commercial courses. No investments in trendy startups because renewing internally is not an option anymore.

Just wanting to be the best

Improving from within as a team, being creative together and making a difference in your sector with a management that challenges you. Implementing gold dots without concessions. It’s about challenging colleagues every day, shaping, improving and renewing, day after day.

It’s about creating your own hype and not going home before this distinctive quality is clear and structured, without any buzz words. You need a philosophy to beat the competition.

The vital question is: how are you going to become the Coolbue in your sector? What makes your ultimate customer experience different? Can you name golden dots in your daily implementation and can your customers name them? What will your strategy be the coming year, one that everyone understands and is contagious?

Don’t be surprised by the results…

Do you want to learn more about what a modern sales machine and commercial blueprint should look like? Take the test, book an inspiration session and challenge your team to find ways to make a difference with your organization.

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