Exponential growth with magic moments

Magic moments make a difference for your customers. They are moments in which your customers experience your organization’s added value. Much more than with your competitors.

Customer contact moments are all contact moments you can think of, such as a face to face, digital newsletters, e-mails, mass folders, invoices, WhatsApp messages, delivery boxes, reports, events, etc. Every contact moment is an opportunity to go that extra mile and make a difference. One can divide these moments into four different types: from -1 to 2:

  • Feeble MOMENT (TYPE -1)

Feeble moments are the moments that give the customer a negative feeling, which may lead to complaints. Nobody strives for these, but they happen when you make a mistake. For example, when you send an invoice together with a report that shows you non-performed.

  • Average MOMENT (TYPE 0)

An average moment is exactly what the term suggests: nothing special. You are just doing what you said you would and nothing more. Customers will experience neutral emotions and you are no more than a commodity and will soon end up in the budget segment.


A ‘wow moment’ brings a positive vibe. It means you are either faster, better, or cheaper than you had promised. Doing this will easily lead to smiles. Surprising the customer and giving a wow feeling will make a difference, but then…


A magic moment means the world to the customer: it satisfies his or her (latent)  needs, solves a problem and fulfills a dream. A latent need is something the customer didn’t know he needed to fulfill his ultimate wish. Doing this will make the customer very happy.

Magic moments are positive surprises for the customer and it’s up to you to organize them. You can start as soon as you know what the customer’s ultimate wish is. You can find out exactly what this is by mapping out the Customer Success Portfolio (CSP). Many companies discover that they need a lot more than their own products and services to fulfil the dream. Existing products and services are often only part of the solution

Talk to your customers through in-depth interviews, asking about expectations and digging up latent needs. You’ll notice that customers really appreciate this. You’ll find out what their motivations are for doing business with you and what their current experiences are. Sincere interest in your customer and sharing the results with your team are core elements that will improve your customers’ performance.

Only if you know the CSP, you can work towards helping customers in the best way possible. You have insight into their pains and needs and are in a position to really help them.

When does your supplier surprise you with a magic moment?
When you have to think too long to find an answer, that says something about how little your organization really applies this.

The ultimate customer service and/or journey
Can every moment potentially be a wow moment? Yes, why not? Often a little time, knowledge and creativity can turn even the dullest customer moments into a wow moment. Even an invoice has the potential to become a wow moment. This doesn’t mean that wow moments aren’t subject to change. Wow moments of today can be seen as perfectly normal in the future. This means it’s vital to be in constant contact and dialogue with your customer.

So focus on your customers and look at your own organization through their eyes. Find out their experiences and see how you can turn their experiences around for the better, into a wow moment. By using your creativity, you can add more value against lower prices. The customer’s experience is not just based on functional aspects, but also on emotional aspects. Emotional aspects determine half of your customers’ experiences! You could even create an impact scale, to judge how well interaction is going and how much impact your moments have.

We advise organizing six to twelve wow moments and a minimum of two to four magic moments each year. Is that hard? No, it really is no rocket science.

Do you rate your current ultimate relation and customer journey?
Creativity, ambition and persistence are all conditions for success. You need to really want it and do it and surpass your own expectations. The ultimate customer service stretches beyond a few nice tales and other organizations’ success stories.

Exponential growth with active fan moments
Make your customers your fans! And make your fans your active fans.

An active fan is one who brings new relations to the table because he is proud. With active fan creation moments in the customer journey, you can make them active fans. Twice a year, you should ask customers if they have any relations they want to introduce you to. Real satisfied customers will be happy to do it. This will give you hot leads and extra turn-over. When you do this structurally, and 20 percent of your customers do the same, your turn-over will grow exponentially.

What does it mean to you when fans generate 20 percent more turn-over?
Active fan creation moments are also customer satisfaction polls. When you pass on active fans, you can ask why they are active fans. It tells you something about your distinctive qualities. If they don’t want to connect you to relations, also ask why, because that will enable you to change your processes for the better. That is today’s sales.

Right contact moment make you future proof and will lead to exponential growth.

Do you want to learn more about what a modern sales machine and commercial blueprint should look like? Take the test, book an inspiration session and challenge your team to find ways to make a difference with your organization.

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