Do you want it or do you really want it? Really wanting something is contagious!

How often do you hear friends, colleagues or managers around you say that they want to do something? And I mean both business and private. I hear this kind of thing on a daily basis.

In my work environment people like to talk about work dreams such as writing books and articles, calling a specific customer, organizing an event, bringing a new proposition into the market, etc. When they speak, they smile. How awesome would it be if…? Sometimes people even know the exact result their efforts would have, making it even more tangible.

How fun it is to know someone’s dream? Time flies and after a few weeks, you’ll see that some have started to fulfill their dreams. Something has been set in motion. The dreamers have taken personal responsibility and invested precious time in their dreams. They have stepped out of their comfort zone and taken the first few steps!

A book, a proposition, an article and after calling that one customer, you’ll see that an event has been planned. The people who have set this in motion are incredibly proud. Their work dream has been partly or fully realized. They can look back to an interesting journey and tell others about it!

When the dreamer tells others about his dream, this doesn’t only affect the dreamer, but also his surroundings. It’s contagious! Every dreamer I meet, I ask this question: do you want it or do you really want it? When the answer is yes, action will immediately be taken. You’ll see concrete actions, personal connections, development, sometimes a call for help, a plan with milestones and eventually the result and real commitment. The one question you should ask yourself then is: how are we going to celebrate?

Welcome to the I Really Want Club.

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