A selection of clients we helped to develop and implement an effective Social Selling program.



Airborne innovates the composites industry. Through new design methods, manufacturing innovations and cost reductions, Airborne makes composites more affordable. The inspiration session showed the impact in the marketing and sales process.



Expanding your network is facilitated by Flevum. Flevum is a business meeting platform to keep up developments in the industry, share experiences, increase the visibility and expand the commercial reach of your organization.


Teva Nederland

Teva Nederland is a allround pharmaceutical company. The Social Selling Company provided Teva’s marketing and sales teams with a custom social selling workshop, training Teva staff in how to develop a company unique social selling strategy.


“Interactive Social Selling training with the Teva Pharmaceuticals Sales & Marketing Teams.


Centraal Beheer

Centraal Beheer is a national insurance company. The Social Selling Company helped Centraal Beheer to kick-off the social selling program, aligning teams and providing them with basic skills and methodologies that enables the company to hit the ground running.


“Social Selling is a mindset, not a quick fix and requires close collaboration between all teams involved.


Misco Solutions

Misco Solutions is a hardware and software provider. The Social Selling Company helped Misco Solutions to align teams and to create a new marketing and sales process, embedding Social Selling in the day-to-day marketing and sales activities.

“Our customers are changing and we need to make sure we can meet their needs.



Qualogy is a IT and Data Science company. The Social Selling Company hosted a Social Selling Awareness day for all commercial teams, offering new insights and helping the company to develop a shared vision on how to operate in the digital age.

The Social Selling Awareness Day offers digital progress and a unique chance to beat the competition.


Nyenrode Business University

Nyenrode University is a leading business university in the Netherlands. The Social Selling Company and the Brown Paper Company hosted a commercial success event, detailing how the new digital age changes marketing and sales processes and what companies can do to embrace social channels in order to increase online footprint, get more leads and increase revenue.


Post NL

PostNL is the premier provider of postal and parcel services in the Netherlands. The Social Selling Company hosted a tailored Social Selling session with the goal to equip PostNL teams with knowledge and skills needed to use social media as part of their commercial strategies.

“After attending Carola van der Linden’s expert presentation about ‘Social Selling’, our department has started to use social media as a means for sharing relevant content with our customers and prospects. This has already led to more contacts, more conversations, more leads, and three sales meetings!” – Philip Schellekens, Accountleader PostNL


Finext supports organizations with consultancy and management solutions. They improve the financial position of organizations. We had an awareness session about how the customer journey changed.

Our clients benefit from how we align marketing and sales teams and how we help the teams to develop a shared vision that enables them to reach their business goals.