What does your modern digital commercial blueprint look like?

Do you recognize the following?

• Different purchasing process
• Departments don’t work together
• Tenders are lost beforehand
• Online competition is rough
• Separate actions such as tools and LinkedIn courses don’t work

Technological developments and new competition are developing fast. The unlimited digital possibilities
have an enormous impact on the new way of selling. The one that plays into this trend the best is the
winner. Businesses need a modern digital commercial blueprint in order to do this. It’s not about changing a
lot, but changing the right things. When and how are you going to act upon your potential?

Success or failure depends on:
• How you implement your (online) commercial blueprint
• A good basis that is understandable for everyone
• To what extent you fully embrace the possibilities of new technology

Find out the best route to your future-proof blueprint
• What are the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing and sales?
• What is the basis for a successful (online) commercial blueprint?
• Where is your organization now? (management, sales, marketing and operational)
• Which choices are we making?
• Who has which role?
• What do we want to achieve: a healthy business case?
• What is the best route to success and what is the first step?

Customer reviews
“Because of this session we have developed a shared vision on how we work digitally.
It fits the total commercial customer journey.”

“Raising awareness with your entire team creates a common goal. Before the session we were
used to doing separate experiments. It’s now clear to us in which direction we need to develop,
and not to make concessions.”

“We really created a sense of urgency. A good start to becoming the most distinctive party
in our business – and stay it!”

What is stopping you from becoming the best in digital sales?

Do you want to learn more about what a modern sales machine and commercial blueprint should look like? Take the test, download our whitepaper and book an inspiration session and challenge your team to find ways to make a difference with your organization.

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