The Commercial Revolution requires radical changes

Current commercial systems are reaching their limits of development, although there is still ground to be gained for many organizations. In recent years commercial systems have been optimized [...]

The New-School Killer Pitch

Pitches: a recurring topic in specialist literature. There are different kinds of pitches. In this blog, together with pitch specialist and owner of Pitch Queen Nathalie Mangelaars I talk about [...]

Experience Center Hype: More Than a Hype

It sounds ideal: a place where you can show your customers what you have to offer as an organization. Complete solutions in the most comprehensive form possible, presented in the most inspiring [...]

Make a difference with customer dream thinking

Until now, commerce has always been a linear model. If the ambition of your organization was to achieve more sales, you would increase the number of sales agents. And by obtaining a few extras [...]

The social selling ‘miracle’ pill

If you listen to the social selling gurus on selling through social media platforms, you could start to believe that it’s the ‘miracle’ pill for salespeople. Especially for salespeople without a [...]

10 causes why social selling isn’t working for you

The Internet unmistakably changed the B2B sales process. Where customers would go through the entire process with a salesman in the past, 75 percent of this process is now done online. Salesmen [...]

Exponential growth with magic moments

Magic moments make a difference for your customers. They are moments in which your customers experience your organization’s added value. Much more than with your competitors.

The ‘Coolblue’ in your sector

Coolblue is often mentioned as a source of inspiration for other organizations. They are the perfect example of an organization with the same products as other organizations in a budget market. [...]

Do you want it or do you really want it? Really wanting something is contagious!

How often do you hear friends, colleagues or managers around you say that they want to do something? And I mean both business and private. I hear this kind of thing on a daily basis.

King of the single product or customer success thinker?

I regularly meet account managers who see themselves as a trusted advisor. Some go a step further and call their company “strategic partner”. These intentions are good, don’t get me [...]

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